About the area

The ‘Itterdal’ is a rather narrow valley that was sculpted by the Itterbeek (stream) that cuts its way through the Kempen Plateau. You are here on the border of the Kempen~Broek and the dry, ‘Hoge Kempen’. The streams not only provide relief but also variation in the landscape: winding brooks with wet swamps, meadows with wooded edges, deciduous forests of oak and birch, but also planted coniferous forests. There are also some watermills dotted around. Besides nature, you also have the fascinating castle park ‘Itterdal’ with an extensive collection of trees and picturesque water features. As you can see, it is a walking area with many facets.


You can walk four different loops that lead you along the local attractions. The long orange loop takes you to an authentic hollow road (Molenweg) and the castle park ‘Itterdal’. The red loop takes you along the ‘Rooiermolen’ and a beautiful alder carr forest. The loop shows you the most beautiful part of the ‘Wijshagerbeek’, you climb up the Kempen Plateau and see the beautiful hollow road of the Roesstraat. The trails with all information can be found on the hiking map 'Itterdal'.

Parking and accessibility

Car park 9, square ‘de Wissel’ in the centre of Opitter (Bree)

Car park 10 at 'Pollismolen’, Molenstraat 48 - Opitter (Bree)