Palatable Kempen~Broek

Over the centuries, we have forgotten the wealth our nature produces year in year out. An explorer takes you under his wing and, together, you go in search of the origins of our daily eating habits, treating you to smells, colours and flavours from nature along the way.

Period: the activity can take place all year round.

Location: ‘Itterdal’ (Opitter - Bree), ‘IJzeren Man’ area (Weert), ‘St Maartensheide’ – ‘De Luysen’ (Bree), ‘St Maartensheide’ – ‘De Luysen’ (Bocholt), ‘Weerterbos’ en ‘Hugterheide’ (Nederweert), ‘Stramprooierbroek’ (Molenbeersel - Kinrooi), ‘Smeetshof’ (Bocholt)

Duration: 2 hours

Participants: max. 25 people per Explorer

Price: € 80 per Explorer

Age: all ages