Fauna and flora

Kempen~Broek is known for its enormous wealth of plants, birds and animals. You will find many special and rare species. By the way, do you know the 10 sweethearts of the Kempen~Broek?

1. The Tree Frog

This frog appeals directly to the imagination because of its cute appearance. It’s about four centimetres tall, has a bright green colour and features suction cups on its toes.

2. The river skater

The population has experienced a substantial decline in recent decades. Being a bug, the river skater is an insect with six legs. It uses its front legs to locate prey.

3. The European beaver

The beaver is back. He feels at home in a water-rich environment where he builds castles and dams. You won't easily come across a beaver, but his gnawing habits are instantly recognizable.

4. The yellowhammer

This songbird can be found mainly in small-scale landscapes. The song shows a strong resemblance to the opening tones of Beethoven's fifth symphony, ti ti ti ti tèh.

5. The marsh marigold

  This plant can be recognised by its large yellow flowers. You can find it on the banks of streams or in very wet plots. The marsh marigold is slightly poisonous. 

6. The red-backed shrike

This is a very rare breeding bird. Its favourite biotope, small-scale cultural landscapes, has almost completely disappeared. On the menu are not only large insects, but also lizards, small mammals and young birds.

7. The purple emperor

This is a large butterfly that turns blue depending on the incidence of light. This rare butterfly is mainly found in open, moist deciduous and willow carr forests. You can find it in the ‘Stramprooierbroek’.

8. The large marsh grasshopper

This is a large green field locust. His red hips, yellow thighs and black spine on the hind thighs make him a real Belgian grasshopper.

9. The nine-spotted moth or yellow belted burnet

This black butterfly is a moth that is active during the day. It has white dots on the wings and an orange-yellow striped abdomen.

10. The banded demoiselle

This is a striking damselfly. The male of this dragonfly species has a metallic blue hue with large black spots on the wings. Females are generally metal green with light wings. By the way, did you know that few places in the Benelux have as many species of dragonflies as the Kempen~Broek? You can discover up to 50 different species!