Tracing tracks

You can't see them easily, but they are there. Many animals are shy and become especially active at dusk or at night. During this activity, you will find out about the special animals in the Kempen~Broek. An explorer shows you how animals live and how you can recognise animal tracks. Who knows, you might find traces of a beaver or a deer?  After this activity, you are guaranteed to see nature in a different light.

Period: the activity can take place all year round.

Location: ‘Itterdal’ (Opitter - Bree), ‘IJzeren Man’ area (Weert), ‘St Maartensheide’ – ‘De Luysen’ (Bree), ‘St Maartensheide’ – ‘De Luysen’ (Bocholt), ‘Weerterbos’ en ‘Hugterheide’ (Nederweert), ‘Stramprooierbroek’ (Molenbeersel - Kinrooi), ‘Smeetshof’ (Bocholt)

Duration: 2 hours

Participants: max. 25 people per Explorer

Price: € 60 per Explorer

Age: all ages