Death generates life

Dead animals are indispensable in nature. As food for mice, buzzards, badgers and foxes, to name but a few. Animal carcasses also prompt a wide range of insects and mushrooms. Natural recycling of animals is therefore of vital importance to nature.

The project ‘Dood doet Leven Limburg' (Death Generates Life Limburg) aims to facilitate the return of dead animals and - in their wake - large scavengers such as ravens, kites and vultures. And moreover, to familiarise the Limburg population with an ordinary process that is actually 'dead' simple.

In the Kempen~Broek, we want to show this at locations that are freely accessible. Here, nature can take its natural course, undisturbed, and we can even watch from the comfort of our own chairs via a webcam.

If you want to see spectacular images of foxes and martens eating dead animals or find out more about the usefulness of dead animals in nature, then visit