Straddling both Limburg provinces and North Brabant, GrensPark Kempen~Broek covers a 25000-ha area that strikes the right balance between wet and dry, open and closed, nature and culture. It extends over the municipalities of Cranendonck, Weert, Nederweert, Bocholt, Bree, Kinrooi and Maaseik.

Kempen~Broek is a veritable patchwork of different landscapes, where marshes feature alongside brook valleys, fens, woods, heath, meadows, pastures, fields and large-scale agricultural areas. In short, something for everyone, with water as the recurring theme. You can explore the Kempen~Broek in countless ways. Apart from hiking, the landscape lends itself to cycling, mountain biking, riding horses and driving carriages. Many rare plant and animal species feel at home here. Did you know that there are few places in the Benelux that accommodate as many species of dragonflies as we do in Kempen~Broek? What’s more, the beaver returned a few years ago, and with a bit of luck, you can even spot a red deer.