Did you know that the Kempen~Broek has entrance gates and visitor’s lounges?

These buildings have been decorated in real Kempen~Broek style. It’s a place where you can find more information about the GrensPark, buy maps or plan your trip in detail. Often, the hiking trails start on their door step!

In the ‘IJzeren Man’ area, you will find a varied range of recreational facilities in a natural forest environment. With 16 different leisure pursuits in one area, you can easily fill a day trip. For example, you can swim at ‘De IJzeren Man’ swimming pool, relax at ‘Wega’ nature campsite, enjoy a dinner at ‘Partycentrum de Sluis’, take a look at the children's farm or play at ‘Kinderpretland’ (children’s playground).

You can also always visit the renewed Nature and Environment Centre ‘De IJzeren Man’. Inside you'll find exhibitions, a stroke corridor and an interactive biotope wall.


The ‘Pollismolen’ is located on the Itter in an exceptionally beautiful, valuable nature reserve, ‘Solterheide’. The mill dates from the 11th century and used to be a ‘ban’ mill. The hollow road that starts at the ‘Pollismolen’, is the old miller's road along which the farmers would come with horse and cart. Due to intensive use and erosion by rainwater, the road has gradually sunk. Opitter is situated on the edge of the Kempen Plateau. You will notice this as the hike becomes more challenging! The visitor’s lounge is opened electronically. The ‘Pollismolen’ is the starting point for the Itterdal hiking area. 

Together with ‘Natuurpunt Huis’, the nature education centre is part of ‘Mariahof’. The ground floor of the nature education centre, which is the visitor’s lounge of the Kempen~Broek, has been transformed into a welcoming space with an interactive experience column and floor map. The room can also be rented for meetings or activities.

In 2015, the ‘Voorste Luysmolen’ on the Abeek was set up as the visitor’s lounge of the Kempen~Broek. The operation of the mill and its history are the reception area’s central themes. There, you will find an experience column, a floor map of the area and a sign with the hiking trails. In short, there is plenty of information about the GrensPark.


In the welcoming inn, you can go for a nice bowl of fresh soup, fresh rhubarb flan, a regional beer and much more. Highly recommended for cyclists, hikers, horse riders, nature lovers and other visitors to the GrensPark Kempen-Broek. Every 2nd and 4th Sunday of the month, grinding demonstrations are held inside the mill!

The ‘Daatjeshoeve’ farmhouse was built in 1941 by a rich industrialist from Weert. He named the farm after his wife: ‘Daatje’, hence the name ‘Daatjeshoeve’. ‘Huyskamer Daatjeshoeve’ is located right on the ‘Weerterbos’ and is therefore the ideal base for hiking areas ‘Weerterbos’ and ‘Hugterheide’.

At the ‘Daatjeshoeve’, you can buy the hiking map of the area, but also other hiking & cycling maps of the surrounding area.


The ‘Woutershof’ is a former castle farm located right next to the Abeek. It is perfect for schools, youth groups or other associations looking for the ideal camp site or bivouac house. It is right next to the ‘Stramprooierbroek’ hiking area that leads you through the heart of the Kempen~Broek. Playing in the open air can be combined with a quiet walk, a search for the beaver in the stream, or you can work together on the groundwater project for a whole day.

‘De Schakel’ in Budel-Dorplein in Dutch North Brabant has been given a visitor’s lounge in true Kempen~Broek style. The history of the zinc factory and the nature in the area form the common thread through the visitor’s lounge. There, you will find an experience column, a floor map of the area and a sign with the hiking trails. You can also always go there for a nice cup of coffee or a refreshing drink.

By the way, did you know that Budel-Dorplein, abbreviated to Dorplein, was founded in 1892 by the Zinc Factory? This special factory settlement has grown into a village with great cultural-historical value. Definitely worth a visit. You can go for (guided) walks that lead you along many historical sites and sights.


‘Peerkesbosch’ is situated in a clearing in the middle of the almost 1000 ha ‘Weerterbos’.  It is a welcoming café for hikers and bikers alike in a very quiet setting. The eatery, located near the hiking areas ‘Weerterbos’ and ‘Hugterheide’, can provide you with more information about the GrensPark and the local hiking maps.

The tea garden is right next to ‘De Krang’ nature reserve and offers a beautiful view of the ‘Tungelroyse Beek’. Their motto is: "in nature, with nature, for nature and according to nature".

The ‘Hulsweg’, along which the tea garden is located, is a section of one of the routes of the ‘Swartbroek-De Krang’ hiking area. You can also buy hiking maps on the spot and get more info about the area.