About the area

Altweerterheide is a village of the Limburg municipality of Weert, surrounded by a beautiful alternation of fertile fields, tender grasslands and nature reserves, including the ‘Laurabossen’, the ‘IJzeren Man’ and the ‘Tungelerwallen’.


Four hiking trails introduce the hiker to all this beauty:

• Blue: varied, partly small-scale cultural landscape of the Hereven. The trail leads past ‘Klein karelke’, the farm where Altweerterheide was founded in 1911.

• Purple (Bolle Jan trail): the remains of the original Altweerterheide, until Weerter grain trader Jan Henderiks, nicknamed ‘Bolle Jan’, started mining the first 80 hectares of forest and heathland in 1911.

• Green: restored ‘Tungelroysebeek’, where an old bridge, Kerke-Brökske, that had disappeared, once again makes for a dry crossing.

• Red: via Altweerterheide and ‘Tungelroysebeek’ to the ‘Laurabossen’. The forests supplied stut timber to the ‘Lauramijn’ (mine) in South Limburg and that is how they got their name.