St.-Maartensheide - De Luysen

About the area

Nature reserve ‘Mariahof - De Luysen’ is a 40ha pond area and a true paradise for birds. The three bird hides are always open during the day. The Abeek stream, which is known for its variety of water mills, is the lifeline of the nature reserve.

In ‘St-Maartensheide’, you see open landscapes with many wooded edges and rows of trees. You can enjoy the magical landscapes and spot rare birds and insects.

By the way, did you know that the pond area ‘De Luysen-Mariahof-Grootbroek’, together with the adjacent ‘Stramprooierbroek’, the ‘Smeetshof’ and the ‘Zig’, feature the highest number of dragonflies in Flanders? You can observe almost 50 species! An absolute winner!


Four loops guide you along much natural beauty in the area. The area is highly recommended for bird lovers. You may want to combine the loops with the orange loop of the neighbouring hiking area ‘Stramprooierbroek’, or cross over to hiking area ‘Stramproy’. The trails with all information can be found on the hiking map 'St Maartensheide-De Luysen'.

Accessibility and parking

Car park 3 at the ‘Voorste Luysmolen’, Luysenweg 2, Bocholt

Car Park 6 at the end of the Mariahofstraat in Bree