About the area

Stramproy is a church village and former municipality in Limburg. In 1998, Stramproy was added to the territory of Weert. Stramproy was once part of the principality of Thorn and was governed by two mayors and five roth masters. A ‘roth’ is an old word for hamlets and Stramproy encompassed five of these ‘roths’. Roth masters mainly supervised the maintenance of the roads.

What can you do there?

In Stramproy, you can follow four signposted routes:

The Areven trail, just under 14K long, is bursting with flora and fauna of the area around Stramproy. Giant trees, beautiful nature and the characteristic village of Stramproy make for an impressive trail.

The Wisbroek trail, over 8 K long, mainly represents the history of Stramproy. It takes you back to the Eighty-Years’ War and you can walk along two defence ramparts from that time.

The Border Trail is almost 22 K long in total. It is divided into a western loop and an eastern loop. If you walk the western loop, you will cross the border with Belgium a few times. During the hike, you will encounter a wide variety of farms, maybe not all in authentic condition, but very recognisable by the architectural styles of this region. The eastern loop of the Border Trail is about 8 K long.


The ‘Heijerkapel’ trail is also divided into a western and eastern loop. Both are about 12 kilometres long. While hiking, you can admire a large number of road crucifixes, statues and chapels.

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Parking and accessibility

You can park on the church square in Stramproy at Nieuw Vosseven, Lochtstraat 28 in Stramproy.