Swartbroek - de 'Krang'

About the area

Swartbroek is a church village that is part of the municipality of Weert. One of the appeals of Swartbroek is the nature reserve 'De Krang' that surrounds the village. ‘De Krang’, a large marshy area, serves as a breeding ground and resting place for many birds. The damp, flowery grasslands guarantee the presence of many butterfly species. The Tungelroy stream is an extra asset in the area.

What can you do there?

You have the choice between four loops that meander through the area.  In nature reserve ‘De Krang’ lies the ‘Ellerschans’. This peasant ramp was built during the Eighty Years' War as a defence against the enemy. In 2007 it was completely reconstructed. In the area, you will also find a large oak tree and a bird-watching wall so you can quietly see the animal world at the ‘Roukespeelven’.n bekijken.


Accessibility and parking

Parking is possible on the St Corneliusplein in Swartbroek (near the church).