'Weerterbos' en 'Hugterheide'

About the area

The hiking areas ‘Weerterbos’ and ‘Hugterheide’ are located on the border of Limburg (NL) and North Brabant (NL). They are situated in the extreme north of the GrensPark Kempen~Broek. Even though ‘Weerterbos’ has gained a lot of fame in recent years due to the presence of red deer, very soon, you will discover that ‘Weerterbos’ has much more to offer. It is a very varied area with old, moist deciduous forests, some beautiful fens and small heathlands. On the western side, the ‘Weerterbos’ is flanked by dry forests of ‘Hugterheide’. Here and there, you can still discover a patch of heath.


This hiking area boasts no less than nine hiking loops, so there’s something for everyone. The green walking trail leads you around the ‘rabatten’, elongated embankments with trees on top, surrounded on both sides by ditches. The yellow, orange and red loops lead you to the watchtower from where you can spot red deer, while the blue loop winds through ‘Hugterheide’.

Accessibility and parking

Car park at the Daatjeshoeve, Heugterbroekdijk 34, Nederweert

Car park Hoogbosweg Nederweert

Car park Dr. Anton Philipsweg Cranendonck

Car park Fazantlaan Cranendonck